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Modern Cloth Nappies  The best for you and your baby !

We like to keep it simple,
practical and affordable at
BabyCASTLE.   If you are in the
greater Durban  Area, please
feel free to come in person !
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Our Nappies

When choosing nappies you can choose
between a variety of Vibrant solid colours and some gorgeous printed or minky print  pocket nappies. We stock both Milovia (imported from EU) and our own brand of
BabyCASTLE nappies.

Our Design

Most of our nappies are pocket nappies. The outer layer is made from soft, breathable PUL Polyurethane laminate) or soft touch / minky fabric (also with PUL on the inside) and lined with a super soft suede fabric that will whisk away any moisture from your baby’s bum (Stay dry - fabric). Our nappies come with two three-layer microfiber inserts OR one Bamboo + one Microfiber insert that you stuff into the pocket of the nappy. You fasten and adjust the size of the nappy

 with the long lasting and strong plastic        snapper studs. Around the legs and at the back     is soft elastic that keeps the nappy fitting      snug, preventing any leaks. Our nappies     come in one size only and fit most babies from     soon after birth to potty training     approximately 4/5kgs to 16kgs).

                                          Other products

                  Wetbags are convenient for on the go and at pre-school. A waterproof, smell proof bag to keep around five dirty nappies stored until washing.
TIP: buy one for older siblings who have swimming lessons!
We also sell nappy covers for over terry towels or trifold inserts. New items are the swim nappies and extended range of inserts, including charcoal & hemp!